What time should I arrive? From 12pm onwards to nab a spot on the grass. 

What time should I arrive if I have purchased reserve seating? Seating areas opens at 3pm and all patrons must be seated by 7.30pm. 

What time does the pre-show start? The pre-show is from 3pm - 7pm

What time does the main event start? The main event starts at a new family-friendly time of 7.45pm

What time can we expect to see fireworks? Approximately 10pm 

Are Salvos Candlebags available onsite? Yes, on Saturday and Sunday. 

What else is there to do? Come down and enjoy family fun activities from 12pm! You can check them out here -

Will there be food available? Yes, catering opens at 12pm Sunday and 4pm on Saturday. 

Can I bring food to the reserved seating area?  Yes you can but this is a seated area and there is not a lot of room for eskys or big containers so please consider this when you are packing.  Remember Carols is an alcohol restricted event and no glass is allowed

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