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About Carol Koala 

Carol Koala was born in the Australian bush and dreamt of becoming one of Santa's reindeer so headed to the North Pole. One Christmas Eve she hid in Santa's sack for a magical journey delivering gifts. Then with just one child left Santa found his sack empty of toys! "Santa" Carol whispered "let me be the last Christmas gift".

Carol Koala became a symbol of Christmas - the symbol of giving.

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The Carol Koala Story 

Carol was born in the Australian bush, not far from a place called Wee Waa. She lived in a gum tree with her mother, father, older brother and younger sister and spent her days doing what Koalas seem to do a lot of; eating gum leaves and sleeping. But there was always something different about Carol. Maybe it was the little antler headband she always wore (even to bed) or the red ochre dust she rubbed into her nose to make it glow. Carol's father would often read bed time stories but her favourites were always about Christmas.

Carol loved Christmas more than any other time of the year. Maybe that was because she was born on Christmas Day. Although Carol loved living in the Aussie countryside, she had her heart set on a world far, far away from the sunburnt country she called home. She was always dreaming of living in the North Pole and becoming one of Santa's reindeer. She wanted to be just like Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donner, Blitzen, Cupid and Comet. So, one day, she decided to leave home and take the long journey all the way to the North Pole. She met Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, the cheeky Elves (who laughed out loud whenever she told them she was from Wee Waa) and she made friends with all of the reindeer.

No matter how hard she tried, however, Carol would not, could not, become a reindeer. Tears rolled down her furry face that Christmas Eve but then her little red nose beamed as she came up with a plan... If she couldn't become a reindeer she would do the next best thing and hid inside Santa's huge toy sack. She would make that magical journey with Santa Claus after all. From the North Pole they shot across the sky, the reindeer flying so fast they looked like shooting stars. Carol was peeking from one of the sacks, the world was flashing past as they made their way through Europe, Africa, Asia and up to Canada, America, then South America, New Zealand and everywhere in between until finally they reached Australia.

On the very last stop, at the very last house Santa's flowing beard turned extra white, his eyes opened extra wide and his mouth dropped wide open. How could this be? How could this happen? It had never happened before. What could he do? There was one child left and his last huge sack of toys was completely EMPTY! Santa looked down at the sleeping child. He checked his list. The small child had been extra good all year. His heart sank. This could not be.

Then all of a sudden, the sack started to move, the antlers popped out first, followed by two small furry ears, followed by a furry head and a bright red nose. It was Carol, the Koala who most of all wanted to be a reindeer. "Santa" Carol whispered, let me be the last Christmas gift, I promise to be good and loyal". A lump formed in Santa's throat and a tear settled in the corner of an eye for he knew that the gift Carol was prepared to give was the greatest gift she had. In the morning the child awoke and instantly fell in love with Carol and the two were never separated. Carol may not have become a reindeer but she became something just as important; a symbol of Christmas - the symbol of giving.

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Carol Koala Toy

Now you can have Carol Koala sitting under your tree on Christmas morning!  This cute plush toy comes in soft grey fur with reindeer antlers and a bright red nose.  You can choose from a big, cuddly 28cm plush toy or a cute take-along version standing 15cm tall.

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